What To Expect

We are excited you are thinking about joining us on a Sunday morning! Feel free to use this page as your reference for what to expect on a Sunday morning.


What time are your services and how long do they last?

We have two services; 9am and 10:45am on Sunday morning. They each last about an hour and a half.

Are the services the same?

Yes, the services are designed the same. There may be slight differences such as baptisms or baby dedications only in one service or the other.

What are the services like?

We are called “Praise” for a reason. It is a very uplifting service where we point to God in all we do. The music style is contemporary and passionate. The sermon is challenging and encouraging straight out of the Bible.

Where is the best place to park?

We do have a big parking lot with lots of parking spots and that alone can be daunting. If you are a senior citizen we do have a parking lot that is easier for entering and exiting. It is the south upper parking lot. There are also many disabled parking spots on both the north and south side of the building.

If you have kids in elementary, it may be easier for you to park in the lower parking lot down by the Kids Center (the adjacent building) and check them in there. You can then use the lower door to enter into the main building.

What should I wear? Are jeans OK? Are shorts OK?

Dress as you would comfortably dress in any public setting. We have many that wear shorts, jeans, t-shirts, but we also have some that prefer to wear suits and dresses.

We would love to see you this weekend!