Stay in the Loop

As we head into the next chapter at Praise Covenant Church, we know there are some concerns and questions about what is next. We hope that this page can be a place where you can find the latest information in the transition season and better help you “Stay in the Loop.” We want you to be in the know about all that is happening!

In a season of transition, there will (obviously) be changes, and that can be exciting, and that can be nerve-wracking. We as a staff and Leadership Team encourage you to stay in a spirit of prayer for our church. Prayer is of vital importance because it will help with wisdom in leadership and clarity of God’s will AND IT WILL ALSO help you, the prayer warrior, to have a sense of peace that comes through the Holy Spirit. We know that God is at the helm.

Feel free to contact the Leadership Team with any encouragement or concerns/questions –

Pastoral Transition

Since October we have had a wonderful Transition Pastor with us, Mark Novak. Whose background, skills, and abilities are exactly what we need in this time of transition. Pastor Mark Novak, former Superintendent of the North Pacific Conference (now the Pacific Northwest Conference).

As of December 31, 2017. Mark Novak has moved into an advisory role alongside Don Robinson (The Associate Superintendent of the Pacific Northwest Conference). Pastor Novak helped us set up the search team and get the process started.

Search Team

A search team was formed and approved by the congregation to begin the search process. Continue to pray for God’s will to be done as they begin this process.

A letter was mailed to the church body in January on behalf of the Search Team, below is the letter:

Dear Congregation,

First and foremost, the Pastoral Search Committee would like to thank you for the faith that you have placed in us. We sincerely appreciate your prayers as we commence the task of properly vetting the pastoral search process.

Second, we would like to present the following Q and A that will not only be helpful to you, but to us as well as we begin this task. With God’s help and your prayers, we have every reason to believe that the process will be greatly facilitated. And, although it may not answer all your questions, we hope that this provides a good foundation for everyone to understand the process.

Question:Who is in control of selecting a pastor?
Answer:Our church is responsible to present a call to a pastor. We are regularly conferring with the Pacific Northwest Conference throughout the process.

Question: How is the committee selected?
Answer: Members were recommended by congregational members to our Leadership Team. These nominees were introduced to the congregation via letter, dated December 21, 2017 and then confirmed by a congregational vote which occurred on January 7, 2018.

Question: Are the meetings secret?
Answer: The meetings are not secret but are confidential and as such only committee members are able to attend.

Question: Can we expect periodic updates from the committee?
Answer: The process is, by necessity, confidential. Thank you for understanding that we will not be able to answer specific questions related to the search.

Question: How long will the pastoral search process take?
Answer: There is no time limit imposed upon the committee and, although we are all anxious to move forward, we will only make a recommendation after a very careful and thorough search is conducted, and most importantly, only when God has placed on our hearts that a call should be made. During the interim period God, the Leadership Team, staff, and Pacific Northwest Conference are performing the operations of the church.

Question: How involved is the Pacific Northwest Conference?
Answer: Of course, we will follow the recommended guidelines and we will seek the Conference’s blessing but, again, the process and the decision to place a call to a lead pastor is that of the members of Praise Covenant Church. The Conference is available to provide guidance and assistance as needed.

Question: Can the congregation provide names and/or suggestions to committee members?
Answer: Yes, but recognize that the process remains confidential. Thus, any further information regarding the status of any person named cannot be discussed.

Question: How many candidates will the search committee recommend?
Answer: After careful consideration, the committee will recommend only one candidate to the Leadership Team to be presented to the congregation for a call.

Question: Will the committee be required to vote unanimously on a candidate?
Answer: This is left to the committee, but generally the majority will decide.

Question: How often will the committee meet?
Answer: There is no requirement, but initially we will meet once a week or as often as necessary to accomplish the task and it will always be in God’s time and with heartfelt prayer.

Question: Aside from providing names of potential pastoral candidates to search Committee members, in what other ways may I participate in the process?
Answer: Congregational participation is essential to a healthy and successful search process. Members and representatives enlisted by the search Committee will be seeking input via written surveys and personal interaction. Your prayerful answers will aid us in discerning God’s direction for Praise Covenant Church. Also, we cannot emphasize enough how your prayers for the Committee are essential. We need submissive hearts, clear minds, and God’s direction. Please pray that God grants these to us.

Remember, this is a process and as much as we are all anxious to move forward as quickly as possible, the fact remains that we would be remiss in our duties and trust you have placed with us if we did not perform the proper due diligence.

In closing and on behalf of the search committee, I would like to thank you for the trust you have given us and the prayers you are providing. If you have any questions that I can answer, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Rick W. Tunnell
Search Committee Chair