Stay in the Loop

As we head into the next chapter at Praise Covenant Church, we know there are some concerns and questions about what is next. We hope that this page can be a place where you can find the latest information in the transition season and better help you “Stay in the Loop.” We want you to be in the know about all that is happening!

In a season of transition, there will (obviously) be changes, and that can be exciting, and that can be nerve-wracking. We as a staff and Leadership Team encourage you to stay in a spirit of prayer for our church. Prayer is of vital importance because it will help with wisdom in leadership and clarity of God’s will AND IT WILL ALSO help you, the prayer warrior, to have a sense of peace that comes through the Holy Spirit. We know that God is at the helm.

Feel free to contact the Leadership Team with any encouragement or concerns/questions –

Pastoral Transition

We are currently working with our denomination, The Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC), in a transitional process. The ECC strongly recommends that we hire an Intentional Transitional Pastor to guide the ministry staff, leadership and congregation through the next 6-12 months (estimated). The Transitional Pastor is trained to lead us through exercises designed to help us evaluate what we’ve been doing, our policies, ministries, practices, etc. and to give us an honest assessment. We are currently looking into possible candidates for this position.

Sometime after 2-3 months, the congregation will elect a search team. That team will take the things we are learning in this transitional process to develop a job description for the role of Lead Pastor.

Candidates will be screened and presented to the congregation for a vote. The time it takes to get to that point could be 9-12 months. Some churches take longer.

This time between Pastors is a unique opportunity for a church that we don’t want to hurry or squander. We want to be known as a praying and listening church, especially so at this time. We are confident that God knows what He’s doing. Our prayer is that we remain focused on Christ. He has this!

Children’s Ministry Position

We are currently in the process of hiring a new Children’s Director. This process will happen in a much quicker time-frame. The job description is established, and we are currently conducting interviews. We hope to have this new person by September.

Be praying for this search, that God guides and brings the right person!

Fall Programming

The fall programming will look different with the staff changes and as we focus on developing deeper community. As a staff and Leadership Team, we believe in this next season and in the midst of this transition (especially with the changes on staff), one of the best ways towards community and spiritual formation is in smaller groups. We believe that small groups are one of the best ways a church of our size can develop as disciples together and strengthen our relationships with each other, especially in transition. We weren’t meant to do our spiritual journey alone; we need each other, we need small communities to help us grow in our relationship with Jesus.

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This means that starting Fall 2017, Wednesday Night is going to look a bit different. What is different you may ask? Good question.

    Youth Ministry – Praise Covenant Students will be moving to Sunday nights from 4:30 – 6 pm as students are more readily available during this time.

    Men’s Ministry – TBD

    Sister to Sister (Women’s ministry) – Is still going to be meeting on Wednesday nights at 6:45 pm with a bigger emphasis on smaller groups/community. Find more information here.

    Kid’s Ministry – More information will be available after determining who God has called to lead the Kid’s in the next season. However, for now, kids will not be meeting on Wednesday nights.

We encourage you to get involved in small groups. This truly will be a powerful way for you to connect with God and connect with others. The two most important things that Jesus described for our lives. Love God. Love others.

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And continue to pray for all of this in this transition.