Wednesday Family Night

Family Night

5:45 PM: Dinner

6:45PM: Classes are available for All Ages


Spring Quarter ends May 24.

This quarter, the church has decided to study the Truth Project together. For more info on the truth project, click here.

These groups will continue as normal on Wednesday night:

Purls of Wisdom

Facilitated by Karin Brown in Lower Fireside Room.

Everyone who enjoys handicrafts, or would enjoy learning to knit, crochet, cross-stitch, needlepoint, embroider, etc., is welcome to join Purls of Wisdom! We enjoy crafting and praying together each week.

Covenant Youth Service: Junior and Senior High

Led by Pastor Pete Rizzuto in the Youth Center.

An opportunity for junior high and high school students to experience Jesus in fellowship, worship, and teaching.

Covenant Kids: Birth – Pre – K

Led by Amanda Ballinger Upstairs in the Toddler Room. (Near the Women’s Restroom)

Infants, toddlers and preschoolers will be cared for by a experienced and nurturing staff. They will have opportunities to engage in hands-on learning, age-appropriate lessons and activities, and explore our preschool room’s different areas; all while learning about Jesus and how God loves them.

Covenant Kids Club: K – 5th Grade

Led by Brooke Hartman in Room 16.

CK Club is an opportunity for children to go deeper in their faith, further explore the Big God Story and grow. It is a time for children to engage with the stories introduced on Sundays in further detail. Kids will be exploring the Big God Story in small groups, doing hands-on creative activities,playing games and viewing storytelling videos. They will be exploring the fundamentals of following Jesus through prayer, learning the books of the Bible, reading the Bible with their friends and memorizing Scripture.