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“PraiseCast Episode 26. We continue our discussion from Deuteronomy 6 and look at what is meant by “Heart, Soul and Strength.”. Also, we will discuss how many people in Churches live with their priorities backwards, thinking they are putting God first, but in reality, there is a selfish interest in […]

Episode 26 – Shema Part 3

“PraiseCast Episode 25. We contiune our discussion about the Shema this week and look at the phrase from Dueteronomy 6, “The Lord is One.” We’ll discuss these implications for our present time as well as some historical perspectives of the time it was written. We will also look into how […]

Episode 25 – Shema Part 2

“PraiseCast Episode 21. The Advent season of 2017 continues and today we’ll talk about humility. The coming of Jesus is not as glamorous as we want to make it. Its actually a humbling, and even humiliating story. We’ll humbly break it down next on Praisecast. Your ears will never be […]

Episode 21 – Humility