Courtney Markle

Courtney came to know Jesus through a close friend in high school. Courtney’s friend attended church her whole life, and as this friend developed her own personal relationship with Jesus in high school. Courtney says, “I noticed a change in her, a joy that was contagious and I wanted a piece of that.” Courtney started attending church with her friend and after a few months Courtney started her own personal relationship with Jesus.

In 2009, Courtney started attending Praise Covenant and began volunteering in about every ministry. After many years (in 2015), she was offered a job in the office as an administrative assistant. A job she says she loves because she loves to serve and help people. Her creative energy is able to be utilized in a variety of ways.

She has two teenage children; Emily and Ryan and is married to her husband Benjamin (as of Sept. 17, 2016).

She also makes a great cup of coffee. Just ask Pastor Pete.